About me

Exploring the human heart and soul is my greatest passion. Working as an actress I try to understand the complexity of life as a whole, especially interpersonal relationships which are often driven by personal needs, patterns and emotions. By practicing Yuan Qigong and Ren Xue my own life continues to develop as I cultivate better health, strength, calmness and joie de vivre in everyday life. Are you curious about the wonders of life, too? Then let’s explore it together!

My qualifications

I began learning from Yuan Tze in: 2011
I started teaching Ren Xue in: 2016
I am qualified to teach REN XUE at Level:
  • 1: Theory of Qi, Tian Yuan & Di Yuan, Group Qi Healing
  • 3: Theory of Totality, Zhong Yuan & Shang Yuan, Remote Qi Healing
  • 4: Tong Yuan, Totality Healing: Five Xin
  • 5: Ling Yuan, Totality Healing: Patterns
  • 6: Ming Yuan, Yuan Ming Medicine: Great Integration for Realisation & Wisdom
My types of ACTIVITY:
  • Class
  • Individual
  • Workshop
  • Online Sessions
My teaching FOCUS:
  • Yuan Qigong
  • Yuan Ming
Heidelberg, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
Activity 1:

Qigong Wochenend-Auszeiten:

25+26 März 2023 in Neckargemünd bei Heidelberg,

20+21 Mai 2023 im Kristallzentrum Mauer bei Heidelberg

17+18+24 Juni 2023, Yuan Gong Workshop: Erlerne die erste und zweite Methode (Tian Yuan und Di Yuan) und praktiziere sie anschließend im Sommerkurs oder zu Hause weiter

Activity 2:

Einzelstunden, bei Bedarf auch online oder bei Dir zu Hause