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About me

Ren Xue has made profound changes to how I life and experience my life. It continues to help me navigate and grow through challenges I experience in my personal / family life as well as pressures at work.
Ren Xue and Yuan Qigong has changed the way I work with children, their families and how I support teams in the education setting.

My passion is sharing this knowledge with other people, how they too can implement this practically their in our often busy lives. For the last 7 years I have been running formal Ren Xue classes / workshops / retreats as well as bringing Moving Mindfulness in schools (kindergarten and primary schools).

I love watching people change, grow, and listen to their reflections: "Now I really get it" or “I used a 5 minute practice before going to an emotional meeting and it helped me to connect with each person and remain calm” or a 5 year old who brushed passed me as she whispered  “I have been doing it in the toilet" when I asked "what?" She showed me pulling Qi. Upon my question: "Why' She replied: “Because I like feeling calm”

Even children who do not join in the practice report feeling the benefit when the whole class does it.

I began learning from Yuan Tze in: 2004
I started teaching Qigong in: 2007
I am qualified to teach REN XUE at Level:
  • 1: Theory of Qi, Tian Yuan & Di Yuan, Group Qi Healing
  • 2: Theory of Shen/Consciousness, Ren Yuan & Xia Yuan, Individual Qi Healing
  • 3: Theory of Totality, Zhong Yuan & Shang Yuan, Remote Qi Healing
  • 4: Tong Yuan, Totality Healing: Five Xin
  • 5: Ling Yuan, Totality Healing: Patterns
  • 6: Ming Yuan, Yuan Ming Medicine: Great Integration for Realisation & Wisdom
My types of ACTIVITY:
  • Class
  • Individual
  • Workshop
  • Online Sessions
My teaching FOCUS:
  • Yuan Qigong
  • Yuan Ming
Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand
Activity 1:

Following health care advice due to COVID-19 all classes including individual sessions are now online

Regular 6 week course: Empowering ourselves to live a more harmonious live.
Uplifting physical health, vitality, emotional resilience and stability, experiencing compassion for ourselves and deeper understanding of our consciousness.
The course includes:

  • Yuan Qigong; simple rhythmic, mindful movements to help us get into a calm, relaxed & natural state of mind. Learn how we can use this practically in daily life..
  • Strengthening the essential qualities of the heart (trust, openness, love, gratitude, deep respect). Learning to observe when unhealthy feelings show up and how to first accept and then transform them.
  • Gaining insight in unhealthy patterns of thinking (using the 10 fundamental patterns as a base) learning to see how this influences daily life and how to make steps to transform these thoughts.
  • Working directly on unhealthy patterns in life
  • Increasing understanding of consciousness and its impact on life

Each week we will have a specific focus  that can be applied as part of your daily routine. You can try the first class then decide if you want to join.

Activity 2:

For years I have been thinking about how I can support young people teaching them how they can learn to regulate their emotions, how to get into a calm and relaxed state as part of a short daily whole class room routine. I have been lucky enough to work with teachers in kindergarten and primary school and over the last couple of years we have been able to develop a short routine (no more then 5 minutes) based on the principles of Yuan Qigong that works.

I continue to support teachers who like to implement this in their class room through workshops and then weekly sessions with the whole class.

If you are a school teacher and would like to find out how you can bring this to your class, ensuring safety for yourself, your school, the children and their families, I ma happy to share what i have learned and support you on your journey.


Activity 3:

Qi for Self - Healing; This is a wonderful session to strengthen the body, feel recharged and more connected with yourself.