Jackie Blunt

I teach Yuan Gong Qigong and REN XUE in Christchurch and run classes during the school term.

If you would like to experience the benefits of Yuan Gong, such as better health and enthusiasm for life, then come along and try a class and see if it suits you. Yuan Gong is taught in gyms, schools, rest homes, health centres, and even garden centres!  It's an amazing DIY system for bringing life back into balance, improving health and even developing robust good health.

My background is in the healing arts. I have been a health practitioner for over 25 years and during that time I have explored many different ways of healing.  I have experienced for myself and clearly seen in others the amazing capacity we have as human beings to heal and create lives that are meaningful and deeply joyful on all levels, including our health.  Yuan Gong is a Qigong system that encourages growth on all levels.  It can be tailored easily to suit your health condition and I am comfortable doing this with my background as a GP.  It can be applied simply for flexibility and vitality, and on a deeper level for personal growth and happiness.

​Yuan Gong and Ren Xue together form a method and philosophy of living life in a healthy and harmonious balance with ourselves, each other, and the planet. For me, this is holistic health.

I began learning from Yuan Tze in: 2013
I started teaching Qigong in: 2013
I am qualified to teach REN XUE at Level:
  • 1: Theory of Qi, Tian Yuan & Di Yuan, Group Qi Healing
  • 2: Theory of Shen/Consciousness, Ren Yuan & Xia Yuan, Individual Qi Healing
  • 3: Theory of Totality, Zhong Yuan & Shang Yuan, Remote Qi Healing
  • 4: Tong Yuan, Totality Healing: Five Xin
  • 5: Ling Yuan, Totality Healing: Patterns
  • 6: Ming Yuan, Yuan Ming Medicine: Great Integration for Realisation & Wisdom
My types of ACTIVITY:
  • Event
  • Individual
  • Retreat
  • Workshop
My teaching FOCUS:
  • Yuan Qigong
  • Yuan Ming
Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand