About me

I work as a landscape architect and urban planner and from my earliest memories have enjoyed being amongst nature. This feeling of connection has made increasing sense as my qi gong practice has deepened; we are a part of nature and nature is a part of us. I now believe that the best path for protecting our natural environment starts with uplifting ourselves and helping others do the same. Through Ren Xue and Yuan Gong practice our hearts open, our values and attitudes change, and harmony within society and between mankind and nature becomes a real possibility.

My qualifications

I began learning from Yuan Tze in 2009 and started teaching Qigong in 2011.

I am qualified to teach REN XUE at Level:
  • 1: Theory of Qi, Tian Yuan & Di Yuan, Group Qi Healing
  • 2: Theory of Shen/Consciousness, Ren Yuan & Xia Yuan, Individual Qi Healing
  • 3: Theory of Totality, Zhong Yuan & Shang Yuan, Remote Qi Healing
  • 4: Tong Yuan, Totality Healing: Five Xin
  • 5: Ling Yuan, Totality Healing: Patterns
Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand