Tara Acevedo

I am an energy healer, light worker, empath, and entrepreneur. I hold a Bachelor of Arts from the University of California, Berkeley (cum laude) in Sociology and Ethnic Studies. In addition, I am a body positive activist practicing the principles of HAES (Health at Every Size) and IE (Intuitive Eating). I believe part of my soul purpose is to dismantle the “ism’s” (racism, sexism, classism, ageism,sizeism, ableism, homophobia, xenophobia, and more), while bringing light and healing to uplift the planet into a higher vibration of consciousness.

I have been studying with Yuan Tze since 2011 and am a fully qualified Yuan Qigong Master, Ren Xue Therapist, and Yuan Ming Medicine Practitioner. My focus is working individually and in groups on energy healing and consciousness transformation.

I am available for private sessions online (Skype, Zoom, Messenger) or by telephone. If my message speaks to you, I invite you to connect with me. Our first one on one consultation is complimentary.

I began learning from Yuan Tze in: 2011
I started teaching Qigong in: 2015
I am qualified to teach REN XUE at Level:
  • 1: Theory of Qi, Tian Yuan & Di Yuan, Group Qi Healing
  • 2: Theory of Shen/Consciousness, Ren Yuan & Xia Yuan, Individual Qi Healing
  • 3: Theory of Totality, Zhong Yuan & Shang Yuan, Remote Qi Healing
  • 4: Tong Yuan, Totality Healing: Five Xin
  • 5: Ling Yuan, Totality Healing: Patterns
  • 6: Ming Yuan, Yuan Ming Medicine: Great Integration for Realisation & Wisdom
My types of ACTIVITY:
  • Individual
  • Online Sessions
My teaching FOCUS:
  • Yuan Qigong
  • Yuan Ming
Oakland, California, USA